L8-APL Module 3 Reading/Writing

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Academic English

About this Course

This course focuses on basic English literacy skills for high-intermediate English learners. Topics covered include reading extended pieces of literature and critical analysis. This course focuses on basic English literacy skills for advanced English learners. This course focuses on advanced English skills for advanced English learners.

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Course Objectives:

• 8.RW.1 Respond to analysis questions on academic sources.

• 8.RW.2 Produce non-formulaic thesis statements appropriate to specific academic tasks.

• 8.RW.3 Produce a 3 to 4-page analysis paper over an extended piece of work (novel, biography, collection of articles, professional journal, short stories), with 2+ outside sources and proper citation.

• 9.RW.1 Produce plans for timely completion of an academic writing project.

• 9.RW.2 Produce an in-depth academic or professional project with at least 3 outside sources (business proposal, case study, research paper, etc.) that adheres to academic formatting guidelines.

• 9.RW.3 Evaluate information as effective or ineffective by evaluating bias, tone, purpose, and quality of research.

• Complete academic research on assigned or selected topics.

• Identify the differences between Critical Analysis and Process Analysis.

• Write a Process Analysis essay describing your plans to complete the course requirements for APL Module 3.

• Create questions to use for an interview.

• Develop and administer a poll.

• Develop and deliver a PowerPoint or Prezi on a thematic topic.

• Write in an analytical style.

Learning modules

  • Week One
    • Attendance

    • Attendance

    • Attendance

    • Story, Presentation (Must, Must not)

    • Speeches, Song Summary & Analysis (L8-9)

    • Song Summary, Analysis & Visual Expression (APL)

    • Writing on Poll Taken

    • Three (3) Survey Questions (from discussion)

    • Three Poll Questions

    • Geography Article Project, L8

    • Business Proposal Article Project, L9

    • Current Issue Article (APL)

  • Week Two
    • Attendance

    • Attendance

    • Attendance

    • Attendance

    • Article Location

    • Main Idea from Outline (Presentation)

    • Outline (Main Points)

    • Planning Sheet (L8)

    • Planning Sheet (L9)

    • One Body Paragraph (Free Writing from Outline)

    • Summary of Article, Biography (L8)

    • Summary of Article, Biased Biography (L9)

    • Summary of Article, Survey (APL)

    • Planning Sheet (APL)

  • Week Three
    • Attendance

    • Attendance

    • Attendance

    • Attendance

    • Project Research, Library

    • First Draft

    • Project Research, Library

    • Presentation Slides (Beginning)

  • Week Four
    • Attendance

    • Attendance

    • Attendance

    • Attendance

    • RW Study Guide (L8)

    • Library Time

    • Final Draft (L8)

    • Final Draft (L9)

    • Final Draft (APL)

    • Word Parts (L9-APL)

    • Process Essay (APL)

    • Final Exam (L8)

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