L8-L9-APL Module 4 Grammar

duration: 4 weeks
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Academic English

About this Course

This course focuses on basic English grammar skills for high-intermediate English learners. Topics covered include critical analysis. This course focuses on basic English grammar skills for advanced English learners. This course focuses on advanced English skills for advanced English learners.

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Course Objectives:

• 8.G.1 Produce grammatically appropriate sentences with modals of ability, possibility, permission, requests, necessity, prohibition, advisability, and expectations.

• 8.G.2 Produce sentences with noun clauses.

• 8.G.3 Produce sentences with quoted and reported speech.

• 8.G.4 Identify and produce adverb clauses of cause, contrast, time, manner, concession, condition, purpose, reason, and place.

• 9.G.1 Produce grammatically appropriate sentences using all verbs covered in previous levels (present, past, future, modals; active + passive).

• 9.G.2 Produce sentences with accurate article usage.

• 9.G.3 Produce sentences and respond to questions using true and untrue conditionals.

• 9.G.4 Produce grammatically appropriate noun clauses, adjective clauses, and adverb clauses.


Students will be able to:

• Complete academic research on assigned or selected topics.

• Describe and identify details in events observed either in person or via media (e.g. television, news, YouTube, etc.).

• Create questions to use for an interview.

• Develop and administer a poll.

• Discuss cause and effect of various situations or occurrences in politics, science, history, etc.

• Develop and deliver a PowerPoint or Prezi on a thematic topic.

Learning modules

  • Week One
    • Attendance

    • Attendance

    • Attendance

    • Attendance

    • Collocation Presentation, L8-L9

    • Would Like (Partners)

    • Written Example of Active/Passive

    • Quiz Handout 1 & 2

    • Main Pet Peeve

    • Seventeen Sentences with Modals

    • Best Day Story in the Past Tense (Ten Verbs)

    • Collocation Exam (Do), L8-L9

    • Collocation Presentation, APL

    • Collocation Exam (Do), APL

  • Week Two
    • Attendance

    • Attendance

    • Attendance

    • Attendance

    • Attendance

    • Best Day Presentation (L8)

    • Best Day Presentation + Image (L9)

    • Best Day Presentation + Image(s) (APL)

    • Two Questions Regarding Adverb Clause Stories

    • Sharing "If . . . were. . . ."

    • Nine Sentences (Book, Crush, Food)

    • Presentation (Book, Crush, Food), L8-L9

    • Nine Schedule Items (Toward Adv. Clauses)

    • Sentences (Singular, Plural, Non-count)

    • Two Ideas (Sharing from partner's sentences)

    • Pp. 5-6 (Adverb Packet)

    • Pp. 7-8 (Packet)

    • Presentation (Book, Crush, Food), APL

  • Week Three
    • Attendance

    • Attendance

    • Attendance

    • Attendance

    • Attendance

    • Reporting on a Schedule, P. 9 (Packet), L8

    • Bring Out Your Clauses (Adjective, Adverb, Noun)

    • Coming to the U.S. (Past with Five Adverb Clauses)

    • Reporting on a Schedule, P. 9 (Packet), L9

    • Reporting on a Schedule, P. 9 (Packet), APL

    • Questioning Partner (Y/N or Information)

    • Pp. 6-7 (Embedded Questions)

  • Week Four
    • Attendance

    • Attendance

    • Attendance

    • Attendance

    • Presenting a Modal (from prompts on monitor)

    • A Brief Story Leading to "Would Rather not Have"

    • Study Guide, L8

    • Conditional and Unconditional Involvement

    • Modal Involvement

    • Final Exam, L8

    • Final Paper, L9 Grammar

    • Final Paper, APL Grammar

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